Karen Stewart works primarily in paper to express and interpret issues. The refinement of making paper has coincided with the refinement of our intellect. Paper is malleable, colourful, textured and tactile. It is the perfect fit for her time consuming, precision-orientated art-making process. Paper offers her so many possibilities for expression and it intrigues her how many more ways she can find to manipulate it for communication.

She is concerned about how over-filled our lives are with negative stimuli that has a negative impact on our planet, our bodies and our relationship with the world. She hopes her work creates a contemplative space to pause, reflect and connect with our higher selves. She sees her work as an antidote to the chaos and disorder around us.

Stewart is committed to collaborating with other artists and designers, she feels this enhances her work, widens horizons and keeps her art dynamic. She believes that her role as an artist is to speak out against injustices in the world, highlight these and offer new approaches to old problems.


Work on show

CURRENT SHOW: "HOME IS WHERE THE ART IS" | Zeitz Mocaa | until 24 October 2021
25 Sept - 28 Oct 2021
| Candice Berman Gallery | Johannesburg

Come and see more of my work, book a visit at my studio email artypty@gmail.com
To buy work contact Candice Berman Gallery
Tel: +27 010 880 5240/5241 
Riverside Shopping Centre,
Bryanston, Johannesburg